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GAP Coverage

You've probably heard it said before -- expect the best but prepare for the worst. While it's true that worrying never helps anything, it's also true that being prepared never hurts. That's why consumers buy insurance for their most prized possessions, including their car.

But what happens if someone steals your car or it gets totaled while you owe more on it than it's worth? That's where GAP insurance coverage comes in. If this happens to you, GAP coverage will protect you financially by helping you pay that additional amount. GAP coverage focuses on what you have to pay, not what the car is worth after depreciation. You can even include your insurance payments with your auto bills, making the process simple and affordable.

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When to Consider GAP Insurance

  • Purchasing a New Vehicle
  • Purchasing a Lightly Used Vehicle
  • Purchasing an Expensive Vehicle
  • Financing a Large Amount

If you're interested or want more information about GAP Coverage in Rochester, NY, drop by Doan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram at 4477 Ridge Rd W, Rochester, NY 14626. We look forward to serving our customers from Batavia and Monroe County!

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